STIP 101SP A 2 IN 1 Tablet description

STIP 101 SP was designed to make your life much easier, top performance, full featured Windows 10 and nonstop connection to the internet using Wi-Fi or 3G will turn your user experience into pure pleasure. It combines tablet mode and the PC mode and made for comfortable work. The 5-pin connector detachable keyboard will enable users to use the tablet as a laptop. In addition, it provides more connectivity with its full USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports for connecting with printers, USB Flash and other peripherals.

Indulge yourself in multitasking-work, play and surf the web with this al-in-one device. Get the best tablet performance with a powerful Intel Atom Z8300 quad-core processor. That ensures you will be able to manage all the demanding tasks plus a bright 10.1” display which guarantees a real enjoyment when working or watching your content while multitasking you will never worry about battery life – a 6000mAh battery ensures long life without charging even if you watch HD video, play resourceful games or work with photos and video files.

Take it everywhere you want to bel portable computing. No comprises. Go anywhere, do anything. It is equipped with MS Office suite for work on the go. Get ready for media creation & consumption on an IPS display and Wi-Fi connectivity to the digital age – all in a compact tablet form factor with detachable keyboard.

STIP 101 SP is a beautiful, affordable 2-in-1 device that balances value, performance and design.


STIP 101 SP is really proud of its intel based product line. A much-loved quad0core Intel ATOM processor with base frequency 1.44 GHz up to 1.84 GHz is a powerful heart of the device. 2GB RAM is a perfect partner for a processor to convert your user experience into pure enjoyment. Test simultaneous work with different applications, watch and download full-sized HD movies and forget about any pauses in the work of a device. Everything works smoothly allowing you to concentrate and focus on task – not on bugs appearing during your work!  Play, work, read and enjoy outstanding performance.


The importance of a good display in a tablet is indisputable. STIP 101 SP has a wide 10.1” display with high and clear resolution (800*1280) and wide viewing angles. With its vivid colors let you enjoy your favorite content from gaming and video/photos in high resolution as well as work with your favorite applications. Give a new life to your favorite movies by watching them on its beautiful display.


A tablet can e called a real assistant if you do not need to charge it several times everyday. Forget about the dependence on an outlet – with 6000mAh you will feel confident in the ability to use your tablet all day long in any user circumstances.Lots of video, games and 3Ginternet browsing? No problems for STIP 10 SP.


Watching video and working online is not always enough and some data has to be stored on the device. Thus 32Gb SSD can store a lot of files. Save your favorite movies and photos and almost endless quantity of documents on a tablet and have permanent access to them. In addition, you can always expand your storage up to 128 GB with SD card plus USB ports for external Hard disks.


Be in touch any place any time! With the STIP 101 SP you will always be sure you can get any information you need in a few seconds. You do not need Wi-Fi to gain access to the internet! Besides standard Wi-Fi the tablets features an up-to-date 3G connectivity so you can insert a SIM card and enjoy online activities you want. Easily exchange data and connect devices via Bluetooth 4.0. this tablet can be on the go with you all the time. It helps to become more productive, better connected, and allows being portable.


Stay in touch with your family, friends and colleagues while away using the 2MP front camera and take photos and capture video with the 2MP rear camera. With STIP tablet, your memories will remain forever alive.